Van Rees BV

Expertisebureau Van Rees BV is since 2001 a subsidiary of Van Woerkom, Nobels & Ten Veen and generally operates in the same but mainly domestic market.

In the 10 years after the acquisition we enlarged it’s footprint just by offering solid and independent services in the follow up of hire agreements between all kind of parties in the marine business. With over 4 decades of experience and a well motivated team Expertisebureau Van Rees BV proved to be successful in serving these parties.

In our opinion our clients are not only the owners who offer their valuable equipment for charter but also the charterers such as wet and dry building contractors and dredging companies who by means of our  surveys obtain a good ascertainment of the condition of the equipment they need in bringing forth their projects. We understand both parties eager for clear and fair overview of costs evolved by any possible changes in the condition of the equipment, all according to the charter contract clauses.

On & Off Charter
Services include: providing thorough assessment of the condition of vessels, floating equipment and dry/wet contractors' equipment before and after the charter period, and ascertaining fair and reasonable off charter compensations and repair time after the charter period, based on the charter contract and possible additional clauses.

Inland shipping certification

Expertisebureau Van Rees BV offers certification services for inland shipping vessels under Dutch or other European Flags via her to NBKB affiliated surveyor(s).
The NBKB is a by the Dutch Shipping Inspectorate appointed and under NEN-EN-ISO/IEC 17020 accredited body for providing inland shipping certification.

Our inland shipping certification services includes amongst others the following certificates:
CBB                 (Communautair Binnenvaart Certificaat voor Binnenschepen, under EU directive)
CvO                  (Certificaat van onderzoek, under ROSR)
CvO  Z             (Speciaal Certificaat voor Zeegaande schepen op de Rijn, under ROSR)
CBB Z              (Communautair Binnenvaart Certificaat voor Zeegaande schepen op de Rijn, under EU directive)
CvG                 (Certificaat van Goedkeuring, under ADN)

Damage surveys
These cover inland motor vessels and floating equipment, as well as land-based equipment and contractors' equipment. Extent of damage, costs involved and the cause are investigated and reported.
Van Rees BV also provide liability assessment and third party damage surveys.

We give an unbiased assessment of technical and market values for puchasers, sellers, financial institutions etc.

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