On & Off Charter Surveys

From the 1920’s onwards, Van Woerkom, Nobels & Ten Veen has provided independent on- and off-charter surveys for owners, contractors and joint ventures of their vessels, floating equipment and wet/ dry land reclamation equipment.  Based on the type of charter party agreed between owner and charterer, a thorough assessment of the on hire condition is drawn up, if necessary accompanied by ultrasonic thickness measurements, photographs, inventory lists and a review of the vessels' certificates. Experience has taught us that it is most important to assess the items to be surveyed within the compensation rules described in the charter party, whilst always keeping in mind the service and working conditions of the object.

At the termination of the contract we will provide, depending on the charter party, a comprehensive off charter report. This report not only describes the damages and/or improvements that have arisen during the charter period, but also indicates a fair and reasonable financial compensation for these differences. The reports can also give an assessment of the repair costs and the associated time under repair.

We strongly believe that the WNV method of carrying out on- and off charter suveys and subsequent reporting techniques give the interested parties a fair and realistic basis for a financial settlement.  

  • Joint Venture Rules

Over the years WNV has developed an in-depth knowledge of the contents of the various BIMCO charter contracts, enabling us to provide our clients with tailor-made on & off charter surveys and reports.

"SupplyTime '89/'05", "Barecon", "Bargehire", "TowCon and TowHire" are just a few examples of the charter parties on which our reports are based. 

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